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Got a raise!

April 5th, 2006 at 09:12 am

Well, I had told the powers that be at my work that I wasn't really interested in going full time. I like the flexibility of my hours, ranging between 25-45 hours a week. Right after that conversation, I was told that my hours might have to be cut...hmmm...ask me to go full time with a 20% pay increase, and when I answer 'not interested' I'm told my hours were going to change...not quite on the up and up if you ask me! I told them that was fine with me and I would be happy to work less hours. Yesterday I go in and the Human Resource Manager gives me papers to sign for a $1.94 an hour pay increase and my flexible hours are staying as is! Yay! I am a happy girl today!

On the homefront...our emergency account is stacked and we have a full 3 months of living expenses in it's own account. We're putting 600 a month in RRSP's and pension accounts. I'm buying $500.00 GIC's every month. I started in January, and lock them in for a year. I figure if I can do this for 2 years, every month, that will be a revolving $12000 in case of major financial emergencies! The plan is to save all other money for extra mortgage payments. We owe just under $90,000 and would love to get rid of it!

3 Responses to “Got a raise!”

  1. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Congrats on the raise!! And good for you on your savings success...sounds like you are on your way to realizing your mortgage free goal!

  2. Ima saver Says:

    Could I ask what a GIC is!! Congratulations on getting a raise!!

  3. robex Says:

    A GIC is a Guaranteed Investment Certificate. I think it's the equivalent to a CD...not very high interest, locked in for varying amounts of time. I find (for us) if something is not highly accessible we tend to put money in and then pretty much forget about it. If it's sitting in the general account, I see it and am more apt to spend it!

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