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Great Time

August 29th, 2006 at 10:34 pm

We had a wonderful time on our holidays. Ten days of visiting friends, staying in hotels, camping and dining out...it was great! Now it's back to reality.

My new job starts next week. They've been very accomodating with me going part time until the middle of September, as I finish up my old job. My boss at my old job has also been understanding about my diminishing hours, and is happy to get me when she can. I feel less guilty about leaving her because I know I can finish up what I need to before I go. I'm very excited about starting the new position and meeting everyone there that I'll be working with. A lot of the people are volunteers, and that will be something new for me. I am really looking forward to the challenge of a new position. I am fully responsible for my own program, don't really have anyone working for me or anyone to answer to directly. I think I'm going to like this...I really hate beaurocracy and gossip!

We're starting to get the kids back into somewhat of a routine. School starts for them next Tuesday, so early bedtimes are a must in our house right now, as they're all three exhausted from an extremely busy and fun summer.

Vacation Time!

August 16th, 2006 at 07:39 am

We're leaving on Friday for our 10 day driving vacation. I can't wait...I want to sit by the campfire, shop, visit friends, eat out in restaurants...all without feeling one tiny bit guilty!

We bought a new tent. It's a 7 person one and we found it on sale for $99.00. We are a family of 5, and I didn't want to squish into a borrowed one and ours is REALLY old and hard to put together. We set it up on Monday, and we have spent the last two nights sleeping in it in the front yard because the kids were so excited about it! Our neighbours must think we're crazy.

I start my new job September 5. My last day at my current job is September 16, so I think I'm going to have some crazy busy days coming up, but I don't mind because I know the light is at the end of the tunnel...

Library Day

August 12th, 2006 at 01:48 pm

The kids and I are about to head off for the library. We owe $26.00 (from the last 6 months). This is typical of us as we are constantly leaving books at home when we go. I have no excuse because it is so simple to renew online, but somehow I always miss the date! Aaargh!

I spent the morning tidying up the house, and we'll spend most of the afternoon reading, but a nice lazy day was in order for me...much needed.

Tomorrow we're going on a potluck picnic dinner to the creek nearby with some friends. I'm looking forward to laying on a blanket, chatting, while the kids play nearby--one of my favourite things!


August 9th, 2006 at 12:40 pm

Yes, I did!!! You guys can't see me, but I'm doing a happy dance in our family room.

I went in for the second interview and they offered it to me immediately. I was stunned and am very excited!

Now to tell my manager (and close friend). This is going to be the hard part...

Interview Day

August 9th, 2006 at 06:20 am

Yep, today's the day of the second interview (insert ominous music here)...I am looking forward to having it over with and dealing with their decision when it comes. When I was at work this week helping people make their plans for the upcoming year's events, I kept thinking that I may not be there when their parties are happening. Very wierd thought, as I'm used to seeing the event through from start to finish...things that make you go hmmmm.

Kashi, when is your interivew? I'm sending lots of hugs and good wishes to you. I hope you get your dream job!

Second interview

August 5th, 2006 at 01:55 pm

My first interview went great. The managers conducting the interview were really nice, and the job sounds very interesting and something that would I would have the skills to do well, but would still find challenging. The hours are awesome, totally flexible and I would set my own schedule as I saw fit.

I got called for a second interview the next day and will be going for this on Wednesday. I was feeling guilty about leaving my current job, so I let the General Manager know what was happening. He seemed very surprised that I was considering leaving, told me he didn't want me to go but he certainly understood my position, and told me that a major promotion would be coming my way probably within the year if I could hold out that long. I don't really want the promotion (would entail many hours fixing a department that has been neglected for years--would be like walking into a time bomb and having to defuse it before it blows!), so that certainly didn't convince me in the ways he'd hoped!

We'll have to wait and see, but I'm leaning heavily towards taking the new position if it's offered to me!

applied for a new job

August 3rd, 2006 at 06:50 am

I'm not sure why I was looking in the want ads because I love my current job. I've been there for 11 years. Anyways, I was reading through them and found an ad and thought how much fun that job would be. I updated my resume, wrote a cover letter and emailed it all in immediately before I really thought about it. This was on Monday. Yesterday I got a call from the company and today I have job interview at 10:00am!!! I am super nervous and my stomach is in knots. I realize that I have the upper hand here, as I do have a job that I enjoy. The position I'm applying for pays less than the one I currently hold, but it would mean no more evening or weekend work, so I would be home when my kids are. My youngest son starts grade one this year, so although my job has been great because Dh or I were always home with the kids, now that they're all in school during the day I'll miss out on time with them.

I'm rambling here...think it's nerves and trying to just figure out what I'm doing! I'll post how the interview went after I'm done. I wish it was already over with.