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Another one bites the dust...

October 20th, 2008 at 06:24 pm

...and another one's gone and another one's gone...

So, on Tuesday last week I gave in my notice of resignation and today one of the other coordinators came into my office to tell me that she was giving her notice today. She's only been there for 5 weeks but our boss, who can be a bit difficult, is driving her crazy and she doesn't want to put up with it any longer. WOW. There are only 3 coordinators in the office, so to lose 2 is a huge deal.

This is going to be a very interesting month. When I spoke to one of the managers at our head office, she told me that 's--t is going to hit the fan' when the president finds out.

I really wanted to leave without drama. Too much office drama is one of the reasons I decided to quit and stay home...just not into all that!

Funded envelopes

October 15th, 2008 at 06:41 pm

I deposited a cheque today for $65 from Dh's work...money refunded from petty cash. Usually we refill our envelopes every Friday but I'm going to be away for two days for work and won't be back until Saturday. I didn't want to leave Dh short on cash so I took care of it today.


I have money accumulated that I haven't spent so I'm up to $390 in my spending envelope. When I finish work in a month, I'll reconsider the amounts. I know that I can go lower on our grocery bill and, most likely, my spending money and the kids money (that's used for school things, lunches, clothes, birthday parties etc.). I know that we have a HUGE amount to play around with each week and am fortunate for that.

I'm baaaack!

October 14th, 2008 at 05:00 pm

Hey everyone! I can't believe how long it's been since I posted on here but I have been dropping in every once in awhile to catch up on what you all are up to!

Things are going well for us. Today I quit my job...time for me to stay home with the kids and spend more time down at their school helping out. My last day is on November 15. It was a hard decision to make but we can afford for me not to work for a while so I thought I would take the opportunity while I have it. My husband is supportive but, I think, a little freaked out. We've had two incomes the entire time that we've been married...18 years.

I inherited some money a year and a half ago and we paid off the remainder of our mortgage, took a nice holiday, put a chunk into a savings account and invested the rest for retirement (not that last week helped that account any). We're going to be fine.

Good to be back here!

I'm getting a raise!

May 29th, 2007 at 04:08 pm

My boss told me yesterday that I'll be getting a $1.00 an hour pay raise in September when I re-sign my contract (I work September through June). Yay! The other 11 Coordinators who hold my position will be getting .50 cent raises, so she suggested to me that I not share my increase with anyone so as not to cause waves...as if I would share that information with anyone I work with!

I used to work for a large company and the pay scale widely varied. Many problems occured when employees would spout off on how much they made...problems
galore would ensue. I'd definatley prefer to avoid that.

Grade 7 Camp

May 28th, 2007 at 06:53 am

I spent last week at camp with my oldest son and the three grade 7 classes from his school. It was an absolute blast. The camp was actually a ranch and we went rock climbing, horse back riding and did archery. There was an amazing challenge course there where we had to climb over walls, shimmy across things, balance on swinging ropes etc. We had a great time.

I spent a fair bit of time with the grade 7 girls, which was very interesting. They were quite eager to share all sorts of 'gossipy' items with me...who likes who, things the kids have done through the year that their teachers are completely unaware of etc. I learned a lot from them.

The ranch has staff that do all the cleaning and cooking. The food was outstanding and it was so nice not to have to plan menus and spend any time in the kitchen...we just got up in the morning, went into the hall and poured freshly made coffee. I could have stayed up there another week!

Emergency Fund

May 20th, 2007 at 04:26 am

I transferred money from our checking into our savings yesterday and we now have our emergency fund full again. This was after my little car repair in March and the new car purchase in April when I had to borrow from the account. I always feel so much better when I have a full 3 months of savings in the bank, and easy to access. We don't have anything unusual coming up in June...can't plan for surprises that I don't know about, of course. Property tax is due in July, but I have the money for that in our sinking funds, along with our holiday money for our vacation in August.

I really wanted to have an extra $2000 saved in another account because I won't be working all summer, and I don't want to penny pinch. I'm at $700 right now. I think I'll have $400 more at the end of this month to add to it. June is a 3 paycheck month for me, so that will almost fill it up. If I run out of summer money I have do have 3 options:
1)...borrow from the emergency account until September when I go back to work;
2)...find something to do that will make a bit of money to cover the difference, or;
3)...spend less.

Hmmm. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Purse Shopping

May 17th, 2007 at 06:50 am

I've been keeping my eyes open for a new summer purse. My winter handbag is big and black...not acceptable for summer clothes and weather. So far, nothing had caught my eye~until yesterday. I drove my brother to the airport and one of the kiosks there sells purses. There it was, on a stand. A beautiful light blue, swirled with pink and decorated with tiny beads...my purse!

And it only cost $13.50! Ha! What a steal.

Of course, it'll probably only last one year, but it's going to be gorgeous while it stays clean!

Proud of ds!

May 11th, 2007 at 06:39 am

We got a letter yesterday from the high school stating that our 13 year old ds has qualified for the Honours Program in all academic courses! Woo Hoo! I am so proud of him...This means that he will take honours English, social studies, math, French and science and have regular phys ed. and elective courses. The honours program only takes 60 kids and, because it's the only program of it's kind in our city (leads to the International Baccalaureate program in grades 11 and 12), all grade 7 students can apply to the program, and not just those living in the school catchment. This will be super for ds because he'll meet a lot of new kids whom he probably wouldn't have had the chance to meet otherwise!

$40 left...

May 9th, 2007 at 05:16 am

We have $40 left out of our $300 this week. Dh will probably take $10 or so, and I need to pick up a few things for dd's birthday party on Friday night. Ds7 has a friend's party to attend on Saturday, so we'll have to get a gift for that as well...I may take our weekly $300 out on Thursday instead of Friday this week, just to be on the safe side.

I'm working mainly from home today. Tomorrow will be a really busy (and long for me) working day, so I'll try not to worry about getting too much done today workwise. Besides, our house needs a cleaning...the bathrooms especially!

It should be a fairly relaxed day. Dh and I are planning to go for a walk in the evening. We make sure everyone's had their bath, leave ds13 in charge, and go walk and talk for about 45 minutes.


May 4th, 2007 at 03:25 pm

So, my $300 is all used up for the week...right down to the crunch!

Thank goodness a new spending week starts today. I'm off to the bank to take out our money and I do have to pick up a few things from the grocery store, but nothing major until tomorrow or Sunday after I've done the meal plan and grocery list for the week.

This should be a fairly quiet week...and I can't think of any unusual expenses. I do need new running shoes, but I have a gift certificate for $25 and I'm sure that I can find something suitable for close to that price!

It was dd's birthday yesterday...she's now 11...where did that time go? She is a wonderful, sunny personality child and we know that we are blessed to have her. She chose to go out for Japanese food for her birthday dinner and we'll be having a sleepover party for her next week. She's invited 9 of her giggly girl friends!

I love my Dad!

May 2nd, 2007 at 07:46 pm

I opened the mail today and my Dad sent me an envelope with a cheque inside for $5000...no note or anything.

I talked to him later in the day and he said it was 'just because'. Hmmm...now he does do this every so often, but it's usually because he's sold some property, or lent my brother some money so he's trying to be fair. This was for no reason other than he felt like it. My Dad doesn't have any money worries and has done extremely well for himself.

We'll just tuck the money into the ef for now. It's fully funded back up to 3 months of expenses (and then some), but since I won't be working in the summer and won't be bringing in any money, I'm sure it will come in handy. What a guy my Dad is!

I told Dh that I was taking the cheque, cashing it in, and going on a HUGE spending spree. He didn't even blink--knows me and my frugal ways too well!

Monday Blues

April 30th, 2007 at 05:56 am

Yuck! It's Monday...

We had such a nice weekend that I didn't want it to end and just knowing that I have an extremely busy week does not help matters.

Dh and I had a wonderful walk on Saturday and we went for lunch at very good Greek restaurant. We came home and relaxed, went and helped ds with his paper route, made mussels in garlic butter for dinner and ds and I picked up a movie. He chose 'Borat'...yeah. There were some really funny parts in it, but it was a little inappropriate for a 13 year old to watch. I asked him before we rented it if any of his friends had seen it and he told me that just about all of them had and that J.'s mom (whom I have known for 13 years and parents very much like us) thought it was funny.

Yesterday ds had a hockey game about an hours drive away, so we went in for that. They lost 5-1. We got Slurpees, came home, tidied up the house a bit and started dinner. My dad and stepmom brought the youngest two kids home at 5:00 and we all visited and enjoyed dinner together. My brother came over to watch the hockey game with dh and stayed for dessert.

Everyone went home at 8:00, and the kids had their baths and went to bed. Ds13 is having lots of trouble sleeping these days so I bought him some 'relaxing lavender' bubble bath and after his bath he had a glass of warm milk. I don't know how quickly he fell asleep, but hopefully it worked. Poor guy!

I'll be popping into work at 9:00 this morning, then going to a school, and then back to work until 2:00. The kids will be picked up at 2:30 and ds has an ortho appointment at 4:20. I hate days like this because I feel like I'm all over the place. Tomorrow will be even busier!


April 28th, 2007 at 08:27 am

I took out $290 yesterday for the week, spent $140 at the grocery store and gave $50 to Dh.

It's going to be ahrd to spend anymore money because I'll have to break my $100 bill.

Youngest ds and dd are going to their grandparent's for a sleepover today. Dh and I are going to go into Vancouver and walk the seawall ( a beautiful walk along the ocean and through Stanley Park). We'll crash at home tonight--maybe get a dvd with ds(13). Tomorrow, ds has a hockey game and then my dad and stepmom will bring the youngest kids home and stay for dinner.

It's going to be an extremely busy week coming up...3 long working days, one field trip and the staff appreciation luncheon that I organize at the elementary school (for 40 teachers). I do get lots of help with it and it's lots of fun, but still takes time to plan and set up!

No Spend Day

April 26th, 2007 at 05:05 pm

Another no spend day for me...mainly because I have no money to spend until tomorrow. Yesterday I was treated to lunch by our company (sushi--yum!) and so I haven't actually spent any money in 4 days. Tomorrow is Friday so I'll start off with $290 (still owe Visa $10 for my brother...see previous post!). $50 goes to Dh, $140 for groceries, $15 for Ds's grade 7 grad photos and that leaves me with $85. Ds(7) needs some new t-shirts and shorts so I'll see what I can pick up for him and that's it for the rest of the week...I think!

Dh cheated on me!

April 25th, 2007 at 06:34 am

Yes he did. He cheated and used the Visa! What a brat. He and my brother went to the bar to watch the hockey game on Monday and Dh paid for their drinks and snacks with the Visa. He told me this yesterday and was quite pleased with himself because he paid and now I don't owe my brother $30 anymore!

He knows about the weekly $300 and I gave him $50 on Friday and we agreed that he would make sure it lasted because that was it for the week. I hate having to play the parent. There was no reason why they couldn't watch the game at our house and save kaboodles of cash by having a beer (or two) and snacks here. GEEZ!

I'm going to put the $30 in the bank and still start off next week with $290. Why? Because I am a responsible adult and I will spend my money wisely and be a good example to my children. Plus, I get to play the martyr and torture Dh for a few days...

Today my boss is treating us to lunch out at a Chinese/Indian fusion restaurant. I've been so looking forward to going and trying this place out. I really enjoy the ladies that I work with and I'm sure we're going to have lots of laughs and a great afternoon.

I have tomorrow and Friday off...pretty excited about that. Next week I've taken Wednesday and Thursday off. The best thing about my job is the flexibility of the hours and the fact that no one questions me at all if I come in late, leave early, work from home, or don't work. As long as I'm getting everything done that I need to, they don't ask! I love that...

Down $10 for the week...

April 23rd, 2007 at 06:53 am

My brother and I went shopping yesterday for stepmom's 60th birthday gift...ended up buying her two antique perfume bottles (she collects them) and a large bottle of the new Starbucks coffee liqueur (yummy!). The total cost was $60...my brother paid and now I owe him $30, which is slightly ironic since I only had $20 left for the week. Now I have negative $10 and I'll start Friday with $290! That is, if nothing else comes up this week that will require money. I don't have anything on my end, but I can never guarantee the kids won't bring home field trip notices etc.

We went to ds's hockey game yesterday and they lost 7-1. He was pretty choked. The goalie is new this year and, although he has played hockey, has never been a goalie. I think they're going to have some tough times. They lost their game last Wednesday 6-1.

Stepmom loved her birthday presents. Sil made a wonderful dinner of salmon, baby potatoes, broccoli, beans, buns and salad. I made a birthday cake and decorated it with some plastic clowns, balloons and ribbons, that I had at home. It was a nice evening. We got home around 8:30, popped the two youngest into the bath, tucked everyone into bed and went to sleep.

This week should be pretty relaxed. I'm taking Thursday off to go on youngest ds's field trip with his class and he's pretty excited about that. Otherwise, it's dance classes, Girl Guides and hockey for the kids and working 9:00-2:00 the other days for me.

Running out of money...

April 22nd, 2007 at 10:19 am

Uh Oh! Yesterday was not good for my weekly $300! Youngest ds had a haircut ($12.00) and I bought 3 hot dogs and a DVD at the neighbourhood garage sale ($5.00). I took Ds13 shopping and bought him 3 t-shirts, 3 pairs of shorts, and a newspaper cart for $80.39. I gave him $20 for his friend's birthday gift (a $20 bill put inside a huge blown up balloon) and I now have $22.36 left to last for the week. This is including the $40 I had in the hidden envelope!

My brother and I are going shopping today to get something for our stepmother's birthday. We're having a dinner for her at my brother's, but all I have to bring is dessert so I'm baking a birthday cake.

Oops! This is going to be a looong week!

Still $17!!!

April 18th, 2007 at 01:43 pm

WooHoo! I made Dh breakfast this morning...coffee, orange juice, poached eggs and toast. We then went out for a 10Km hike, walked around some antique stores, looked at a couple of new houses for sale and came home for lunch!

Dh had a evening meeting last night and they'd ordered in Chinese food (his business paid)and Dh brought home some of the leftovers, which we enjoyed for lunch.

I didn't spend ANY of my $17.00 so I am very happy. I'll spend a little bit tomorrow for breakfast and I have to pick up some margarine. Other than that, I should get to Friday with money in my wallet to add to next week's $300!

Down to $17...

April 17th, 2007 at 06:15 pm

So, I left off on Sunday with $63.00 left of our $300 for the week. I tucked $20 away (just in case), spent $6 on tickets for the school musical, and gave $20 to Dh. I have $17 left in my wallet...plus the hidden $20 if I need it.

Dh and I both have tomorrow off of work and are going for a 2 hour hike. I would pack a lunch, but I know that Dh would much prefer to eat out. Maybe I'll see if I can find a coupon or convince him to go somewhere really cheap--Costco or McD's. I'm still going out for breakfast on Thursday, so I have to make my $17 last...

Fun with Finances

April 16th, 2007 at 11:29 am

We are back to cash only. We have slipped up a fair bit the last few months and haven't put as much in savings as I like.

I will be taking $300 cash out of the bank every Friday and that will be it for the five of us for the week. This will include groceries, clothes, eating out, entertainment, kids' activities, and dh's spending money. It will not include gasoline because both Dh and I are compensated well for our gas and mileage and the amount is almost always more than what we spend on gas in a month.

So, we started this weekend. I spent $160 on groceries, $17 at the movies for ds and I, $20 went to ds for babysitting, $20 was used as a birthday gift for dd's friend (a $20 bill rolled up and put inside a roll of toilet paper and then wrapped nicely), and $20 went to Dh.

I now have $63 in my wallet. I'll be spending $6 on 3 tickets for the school play, and will be going out for breakfast with some coworkers on Thursday. Dh will most likely require $20 today or tomorrow, so I should get to Friday and still have money in my wallet. Both sons will soon need some shorts for summer as they've outgrown everything from last year. I can buy the youngest one's at thrift stores, but ds13 has asked me to not buy him second hand clothing anymore. He doesn't want name brands, new from Wal Mart is fine, and I can go along with that. I remember being 13 and feeling the same way. Dd (10) doesn't care...she actually prefers hand me downs, because she can 'get more variety'. Funny, funny kids!

Next week, I have a birthday gift to get for ds's friend and my wonderful stepmom. We'll have a dinner for her at our house, and don't have to buy anything expensive, but I would like to get her something nice from the kids, at least. So, if there's some money left from this week, that would be great!

Easy Day

April 16th, 2007 at 05:47 am

Well, I'm going to pretty much work from home today. I have two schools to visit, one this morning and one right after lunch and both are pretty close to my house so I'll come home inbetween and do some work.

We're having chicken soup for dinner and I think I'm going to bake some muffins and cookies this afternoon with the kids. I do have a meeting to go to this evening, but it's not mandatory, so I'll play it by ear.

We had a great weekend. Didn't do anything on Friday night...just relaxed. Youngest kids and I lay in my bed and watched an old Sophia Loren movie 'Houseboat'. They enjoyed it and I fell asleep. On Saturday I was down at the school between 9:00-2:00 organizing the clothing drive. We collect items from the neighbouring houses, donate them all, and receive $2.50 for each large garbage bag full. At 4:00 I took dd to a birthday party, picked up ds's buddy and took them to their hockey game. After that, we picked up some groceries for dinner and oldest ds had two friends sleep over. I picked up dd at 10:00 and went to bed. Sunday morning, Dh made a huge breakfast for us and all the kids, and then I went grocery shopping. I took oldest ds and his friend to see 'Blades of Glory'...pretty funny movie in a dumb kind of way...and then we came home.
Dh made a roast chicken, potatoes, carrots and peas for dinner. We made lunches, the kids had baths and then watched 'The Amazing Race' with me. Next weekend is another 'no plan' weekend and I am already looking forward to it!

Sold the van!

April 12th, 2007 at 06:08 pm

A friend of the now infamous Honda mechanic came by today to look at my van. He's also a mechanic, but on the side he buys old vehicles, fixes them up and sells them. He offered us $700 for it. Now, seeing as how it's not running, and not going to be running unless I feel like paying $3000 to get it to do so, I think this is a pretty good deal. SOLD!

Tonight my friend is coming over and we're transferring all the ownership and insurance papers for her Honda into my name. Yay! I'll have a car again.

I did work from home today and, yes, I did actually work. I got tons done and am completely caught up...that is, until I go into work tomorrow. The Administrator emailed me this afternoon to tell me I have 3 more files to pick up and start working on. Oh, lucky, lucky me!

No hockey gear!

April 12th, 2007 at 06:10 am

I posted yesterday that I would be taking Ds out to buy some new hockey gear...always an expense I so look forward to every year! Anyways, he tried on all his equipment and everything from last year fit except for the gloves (even the helmet fit which really surprised me). But Dh had a brain wake-up call and had Ds try on his gloves and they fit! Ta-Da! No hockey expense this year...unless the helmet really is too small and Ds didn't tell me because he wanted to go play football at the park with his friend and not go shopping. We'll see if he has a headache after practice tonight!

I've had four no spend days so far this week. Tonight I'll be buying the Honda so that will make up for every no spend day I've had in the past 2 years!

What am I doing?

April 10th, 2007 at 12:14 pm

I'm browsing on the internet instead of working from home. I did do 3 hours today, but am feeling so unmotivated...I just need to crunch down to it.

I have TONS to do. O.K., that's it, I've talked myself into it and now I'm going to go get started. I'll be back later this afternoon when I've put in 3 hours of actual work! This will be my reward--the only thing that would be better would be if I got a monetary reward.

Oh, wait a sec. That's what the paycheque is, isn't it?

Stupid Vehicles!

April 6th, 2007 at 08:03 am

I'm pretty sure that the transmission on my 1996 Dodge Caravan needs to be replaced. YIKES! I've spent $3000 on various repairs for this vehicle in the past 9 months. If it needs a new transmission, then I think we'll be getting a new to us vehicle. I don't trust that something else isn't going to go wrong next week.

We have some money in our emergency fund...the problem is that Dh's car died in November and we replaced it in January, using some of the money that was in there and some from a 'car account'. Now there is zippo in the 'car account' and the emergency fund still isn't fully funded. Well, I guess that's why it's called an emergency fund and this certainly qualifies as one. I need to have a vehicle for work.

Thank Goodness it's a long weekend and we'll be able to think on this for a few days without having to rush out and make a quick decision!

I can't sleep...

April 5th, 2007 at 05:01 am

I've been up since 4:20am...I can't get back to sleep. This is typical of me because I wake up thinking of something that I need to do for work, and then my mind won't shut down again. I've tried keeping a pen and paper by my bed and writing it down, reading, watching t.v., and just laying there...nothing works. I just got up and will diddle on here for awhile. Hopefully I can go back to sleep in an hour or so.

Ds's exam seemed to go well on Tuesday. He said that it was really hard and he didn't know the answers to the science questions. I know that they concentrate heavily on the essay type answers because they use these to determine how the kids work things out intellectually. He won't find out until the end of May whether he gets in to the Honours Program, but he's happy that the part that was stressing him out is over. My younger two kids waited the 2.5 hours with me. We had snacks, read books, jumped rope, played cards, went for a walk and I cleaned out the van. It was actually a fun afternoon and I know that Ds was very pleased that I waited for him.

He's going to his first dance tomorrow night. I took ds and his buddy to the rec. centre last night to purchase tickets. The dance is just for grades 6 and 7, and they're very well supervised. A lot of their friends from school will be there so I'm sure that they'll have a great time.

I have another super busy day today but have tomorrow and Monday off for the Easter weekend, so there's something to look forward to. Hopefully, I'll be able to get lots of work done from home this weekend...I'm a little behind but not too bad.

I'm off to read a bit more here and then I'll try to get back to sleep!

Exam Anxiety

April 3rd, 2007 at 06:46 am

Poor Ds. He's going into 8th grade in September and, where we live, that means high school. He's decided to apply for the Honours Program but his application includes a 3 hour exam that he writes today at 3:30. He is soooo nervous. I keep telling him not to worry about it and to just answer what he can. It's a test to see how the much the student knows and how they figure things out. It's not anything that can be studied for. The Honours Program at this high school is the only one of it's kind in our city and they only accept 60 kids. Once they're accepted, they're only guaranteed a spot for that year. If they want to stay in the program they have to rewrite the exam at the end of each school year. So, if he doesn't get in this year, he can always reapply next year. I just don't want him spending the whole day stressing about this!

We had Passover dinner at my Dad and Stepmom's last night. The food was great, but my 10 year old nephew was behaving extremely poorly and really needed to be taken outside by his parents for a few minutes...it never happened. We are so much stricter with our kids and they are expected to behave well (especially in outside social situations). It can be a little hard when we're with people who have different expectations for their children. Things like being in a restaurant and having children crawl under the table or run around it, are just not acceptable in our book. Anyways, I was happy to come home and get everyone into bed!

Yesterday was a no spend day and today should be as well. I can't imagine that I would have time to go shop for anything today even if I wanted to!

Pow Wow

March 31st, 2007 at 10:43 pm

We spent most of the day at a Pow Wow. My husband is aboriginal and our youngest two kids take Pow Wow Dance lessons and are getting quite good at their steps. It was a wonderful day full of good food, dancing, and visiting. Lots of fun!

Dh has gone to a concert with his friend and I took 6 kids to the pool for 2 hours. I had 4 coupons for free admittance so it only cost me $4.00. I then bought everyone slurpees, so that added on $10. We got home at 9:30 and the kids were starving so I fed them some noodles, they got their pajamas on and are now lying down on the family room floor watching 'Madagascar' with their sleeping bags and pillows. Hopefully, they all fall asleep soon. I know our 7 year old is exhausted...he was a dancing fool today and then all that swimming...I can feel his body relaxing as I watch him. My wish tonight is for everyone to have a relaxing sleep and wake up feeling refreshed tomorrow morning!

Skip Rope

March 29th, 2007 at 06:46 am

My friend ended up treating me to lunch yesterday so I didn't spend any money there. We went out for Japanese and the meal was delicious!

I took ds13 for a haircut...the cut with tip was $15...and that was the only money I spent yesterday. So many of his friends have longish hair, but he truly looks better with it short, and I like that he prefers it that way. When the stylist asked him how he wanted it cut, he told her 'short'. She asked how short and he said 'very'. So she did. It looks good...he's a cute boy, if I do say so myself!

The girls and my youngest son and I went outside after dinner and jumped rope for about an hour. I chatted with a neighbour for awhile and then taught the girls how to skip on an individual rope at the same time as they were skipping in a long rope being turned by two other people. They got the hang of it quickly and then we practiced double dutch...we still need to do some work there. The little guy wanted us to play helicopter, so we did that until everyone was dizzy and then went inside for baths and bedtime.

I was up at 5:30am today...typical for me ...put on some laundry and will go get the coffee started in a minute.

There are dance classes this afternoon and Cadets. Girl Guides has been cancelled for this evening. We're having frozen pizza for dinner because by the time I get everyone home from dance it's 5:00 and we leave for Cadets at 5:45. I really hate Thursdays--way too busy!

Working from home day

March 28th, 2007 at 09:26 am

I am working from home today. Well, as you can tell, I'm actually SUPPOSED to be working from home. I worked for an hour and am now taking a 15 minute break. There are far less distractions here than in the office, so, hopefully, I'll be able to get lots accomplished today!

Dh is working late today. I will be picking my nephew up after school with my own 3 kids, and after he goes home, I will be taking the boys for haircuts. The weather is beautiful (haven't had rain in 4 days) and the kids will all be playing outside for most of the afternoon.

We're having roast chicken and potatoes for dinner...easy, easy, easy...pop it all in the oven in one big pan and let the yummy smells fill the house. I'm going to go out for lunch with my best friend and so I'd better go finish some work before I leave for that...

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