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Profit Sharing

April 23rd, 2006 at 08:54 am

I got paid on Friday and my cheque was $100 more than usual because of my pay increase! Yay! There was a second cheque with it for just over $300 because, apparently, the big company that bought out our little company last year has a yearly profit sharing plan for their employees...what a nice surprise it was!
We had a wonderful Easter dinner last week for the family. We made both ham and turkey and all the trimmings. My sils brought dessert and appies. It was so fun and very relaxing and we have tons of leftovers. The monthly meal plan is working out well. Having it posted on the fridge has been great because the kids know what's for dinner and I don't hear any complaints from them. They know that they're welcome to sit with me at the beginning of the month and help with the planning.
Spring ball hockey has started for the boys and that keeps the everyone very busy...dh especially, as he is one of the coaches for ds6!

1 Responses to “Profit Sharing”

  1. spendless Says:

    Congrats on the extra $$. Always a welcomed surprise. Spend frugally, of course !

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