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Free Lunch!

June 14th, 2006 at 02:46 pm

Ds's kindergarten class had a cookout today with all the kids and their parents. We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and had juice, coffee, cookies and watermelon...all free of charge. Best of all, Dh and I picked up a TON of free pre-cut wood that people had brought for the campfires, and then weren't needed because there was way too much. Nobody wanted to take their wood home, and we weren't allowed to leave it there, so we cleared it out! Now we have plenty for our fireplace and our outdoor firepit. Very nice! (one parent handed me the wood that she'd just paid $5 for at the gas station--they have a gas burning fireplace at home and have no use for the wood. I offered her the money, but she declined.)

The money from my savings bond that my Dad cashed in on his trip ended up being $497 US. I'll be exchanging it and I think it's equal to $535 CDN. We would like a large dining room table. Our current one is glass topped and only seats 4. This might be a good use for the money, if I can find one I love.

We are organizing a neighbourhood garage sale for July 8th. I can't wait to make some money and declutter the garage! We are using the money to help fund our summer vacation to West Edmonton Mall and Drumheller...dinosaur bones, here we come!

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