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July 25th, 2006 at 07:44 am

left to go to reach our $1000. Through many phone books being delivered, extra hours at my job, can and bottle returns, searching for coupons to use on stuff I normally buy and actually need, and a few lottery tickets that we were given and won a small amount on, we managed to (almost) reach our goal. Today I'll put in some extra time on the job front and we went can hunting last night, so Dh will cash those in tonight and we'll be there! It's a great feeling knowing that we did this together and I'm VERY proud of my family for completing our goal.

The mortgage will be going DOWN...

4 Responses to “$21.17”

  1. contrary1 Says:

    Nicely done!!! And, a special well done for having done it together. Doesn't that make any task easier??

  2. ima saver Says:


  3. Homebody Says:

    Wonderful! Lucky you. We were saving for a new TV and were almost there, when YD up and decided to get married. There went the TV fund plus some! Ha Ha. It was a beautiful wedding and only 13 days from start to finish!

    So now we are starting over!

  4. sakigt Says:

    Nice! After my vacation this year thats about how much Ill need to save for my next trip.

    Congrats! So youre paying the mortgage down? Smart idea. You should treat yourself to something special with a little bit of it. Smile

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