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Down $10 for the week...

April 23rd, 2007 at 06:53 am

My brother and I went shopping yesterday for stepmom's 60th birthday gift...ended up buying her two antique perfume bottles (she collects them) and a large bottle of the new Starbucks coffee liqueur (yummy!). The total cost was $60...my brother paid and now I owe him $30, which is slightly ironic since I only had $20 left for the week. Now I have negative $10 and I'll start Friday with $290! That is, if nothing else comes up this week that will require money. I don't have anything on my end, but I can never guarantee the kids won't bring home field trip notices etc.

We went to ds's hockey game yesterday and they lost 7-1. He was pretty choked. The goalie is new this year and, although he has played hockey, has never been a goalie. I think they're going to have some tough times. They lost their game last Wednesday 6-1.

Stepmom loved her birthday presents. Sil made a wonderful dinner of salmon, baby potatoes, broccoli, beans, buns and salad. I made a birthday cake and decorated it with some plastic clowns, balloons and ribbons, that I had at home. It was a nice evening. We got home around 8:30, popped the two youngest into the bath, tucked everyone into bed and went to sleep.

This week should be pretty relaxed. I'm taking Thursday off to go on youngest ds's field trip with his class and he's pretty excited about that. Otherwise, it's dance classes, Girl Guides and hockey for the kids and working 9:00-2:00 the other days for me.

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