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Dh cheated on me!

April 25th, 2007 at 06:34 am

Yes he did. He cheated and used the Visa! What a brat. He and my brother went to the bar to watch the hockey game on Monday and Dh paid for their drinks and snacks with the Visa. He told me this yesterday and was quite pleased with himself because he paid and now I don't owe my brother $30 anymore!

He knows about the weekly $300 and I gave him $50 on Friday and we agreed that he would make sure it lasted because that was it for the week. I hate having to play the parent. There was no reason why they couldn't watch the game at our house and save kaboodles of cash by having a beer (or two) and snacks here. GEEZ!

I'm going to put the $30 in the bank and still start off next week with $290. Why? Because I am a responsible adult and I will spend my money wisely and be a good example to my children. Plus, I get to play the martyr and torture Dh for a few days...

Today my boss is treating us to lunch out at a Chinese/Indian fusion restaurant. I've been so looking forward to going and trying this place out. I really enjoy the ladies that I work with and I'm sure we're going to have lots of laughs and a great afternoon.

I have tomorrow and Friday off...pretty excited about that. Next week I've taken Wednesday and Thursday off. The best thing about my job is the flexibility of the hours and the fact that no one questions me at all if I come in late, leave early, work from home, or don't work. As long as I'm getting everything done that I need to, they don't ask! I love that...

8 Responses to “Dh cheated on me!”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:


    Oh, you scared me for a second. I thought he did That Other Kind of cheating.

    Plus, $30 is at least quite recoverable. I know some guys who believe in the "mantra", "It's better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission." But we're talking about thousands of dollars for huge screen TVs or motorcycles. I'm glad it's nothing severe like that here.

    So uh, how long is he in the dog house for this?

  2. Fern Says:

    yeah, you really scared me too! i'm glad it wasn't what i thought.

  3. fairy74 Says:

    Add me to the list of those who are relieved....fairly minor on the sin chart, but I'm sure annoying none the less...

  4. jIM_Ohio Says:

    Which hockey game?

  5. mbkonef Says:

    I think you had us all thinking the worst! While I would still not be happy with him if I were you, $30.00 on the VISA is much better than the other kind of cheating. But I agree, I too hate being the mature responsible one all the time when it comes to money.

  6. shadon Says:

    Didn't fool me for a sec. Thought it would be something financial. Smile
    Ahhh, husband-torture, nice! Action Smiley 073 Wink

    My DH has been good lately. I almost wish he'd be naughty Devil Smiley 023

  7. robex Says:

    Tee hee hee...

    It was the Canucks/Sharks game...we are Canuckleheads!

    I know that $30 isn't that bad in the grand scheme of things, but my point is that we have a deal and he broke it and deserves to pay.

    I'm over it now. He's been reprimanded!

  8. Finance Guide 101 Says:

    Oh my god!

    You Girlz.....hahahaha put a label of cheater on DH for $30....hahaha..

    Well you are right about the point...braking deal...


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