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Monday Blues

April 30th, 2007 at 05:56 am

Yuck! It's Monday...

We had such a nice weekend that I didn't want it to end and just knowing that I have an extremely busy week does not help matters.

Dh and I had a wonderful walk on Saturday and we went for lunch at very good Greek restaurant. We came home and relaxed, went and helped ds with his paper route, made mussels in garlic butter for dinner and ds and I picked up a movie. He chose 'Borat'...yeah. There were some really funny parts in it, but it was a little inappropriate for a 13 year old to watch. I asked him before we rented it if any of his friends had seen it and he told me that just about all of them had and that J.'s mom (whom I have known for 13 years and parents very much like us) thought it was funny.

Yesterday ds had a hockey game about an hours drive away, so we went in for that. They lost 5-1. We got Slurpees, came home, tidied up the house a bit and started dinner. My dad and stepmom brought the youngest two kids home at 5:00 and we all visited and enjoyed dinner together. My brother came over to watch the hockey game with dh and stayed for dessert.

Everyone went home at 8:00, and the kids had their baths and went to bed. Ds13 is having lots of trouble sleeping these days so I bought him some 'relaxing lavender' bubble bath and after his bath he had a glass of warm milk. I don't know how quickly he fell asleep, but hopefully it worked. Poor guy!

I'll be popping into work at 9:00 this morning, then going to a school, and then back to work until 2:00. The kids will be picked up at 2:30 and ds has an ortho appointment at 4:20. I hate days like this because I feel like I'm all over the place. Tomorrow will be even busier!

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