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Funded envelopes

October 15th, 2008 at 06:41 pm

I deposited a cheque today for $65 from Dh's work...money refunded from petty cash. Usually we refill our envelopes every Friday but I'm going to be away for two days for work and won't be back until Saturday. I didn't want to leave Dh short on cash so I took care of it today.


I have money accumulated that I haven't spent so I'm up to $390 in my spending envelope. When I finish work in a month, I'll reconsider the amounts. I know that I can go lower on our grocery bill and, most likely, my spending money and the kids money (that's used for school things, lunches, clothes, birthday parties etc.). I know that we have a HUGE amount to play around with each week and am fortunate for that.

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